April 16, 2024

Here Is Why Every College Should Invest In College Virtual Tours

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The college a student selects is more than a place for seeking knowledge as it is his/her home for the next three to four years. Hence,Guest Posting selecting a college is a crucial decision to make and students often visit campuses of multiple reputed colleges to make a wise choice. However, travelling to distant colleges is not only time consuming, but can be highly expensive at the same time. As a result, to deliver utmost convenience to the students, many of the colleges have started encouraging virtual campus tours. Although these college virtual tours have existed for quite some time, their presence has become excessively noticeable during the current pandemic situation.

With so many restrictions being imposed on physical movement and travel, more and more people are using such high-tech virtual walks to explore the prospective colleges. Professionally designed by using 360-degree photography, flexible control system and narrated videos, these tours can offer an engaging and immersive experience to the students.

How do virtual college tours function?

Virtual college tours have become highly flexible ways of exploring the campus of a college without leaving the comfort of your house. Equipped with a smart set of features, these tours allow students to familiarize themselves with every nook and cranny of a campus. To see them, students just need to navigate the websites where they are hosted, hit the play button and get the feel of walking through the campus.

The panoramic view offered by such tours helps the students to enjoy a realistic, infinite view of the campus world. In addition, other effects such as sounds, narration and music keep the students glued to their seats and majorly assist in influencing their final decision. Most importantly, students get full control as they can move the images in different directions and zoom-in to capture the minutest of details in maximum clarity.

Why every college needs a virtual campus tour?

Developed by professionals, college virtual tour have gained immense popularity among students all around the globe. Although they cannot entirely replace the in-person tours, virtual tours have a range of benefits to offer, and some of them are:

  1. Visual content is more engaging than written content – Presented through stimulating, attractive and engaging designs, visual content is quickly processed by the viewers. The holistic experience offered by these tours allows the students to picture themselves exploring the different parts of the campus.
  2. Offer organic and vast exposure – Every student who gets impressed with your virtual tour is likely to take the snapshots and share them on different media platforms, which further results in organic exposure. This way, colleges get to expand their reach, without employing any marketing and promotional strategies.
  3. Colleges can highlight special features – By relying on virtual tours, the colleges can highlight all the architectural features and other set facilities that make them better than the rest. The tours are also an indication that you like to move hand-in-hand with the latest technological developments and this helps to attract the prospective students.
  4. You can strengthen your market position – Not every college provides virtual tours as even till today, a lot of colleges only offer still pictures. By investing in a high-tech virtual tour, colleges can gain a competitive advantage and explain it to the students why they should be their first choice in the most interesting manner.
  5. Students become more familiar – Students who live in a distant location find it difficult to understand everything about a college by simply going through the content published on its website. On the other hand, a virtual tour offers them a smart way to familiarize themselves with the campus, even when they are miles away or in a completely different part of the world.
  6. Easy customization – In today’s world where people gather every information through online platforms, it has become important for colleges maintain their SEO rankings. This can now be done conveniently by inserting certain keywords and links in the exceptionally designed virtual tours.


Furthermore, these tours have become great marketing tools for the colleges as they can now show the developments made and the technologies incorporated by them in a unique manner.

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